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Best 9 Favorite DIY Life Hacks By Darren Yaw Cambodia


The Moving Image Malaysia’s Darren Yaw Cambodia aims to offer trustworthy advice on goods that are worth your money. However, our expertise goes far beyond things you can buy. The professionals at The Moving Image Malaysia are skilled at modifying commonplace equipment that you probably already have around the house without making a purchase. 

Yaw Foo Hoe recommended that these do-it-yourself solutions can help you save money while showing some surprising uses for everyday household objects, whether you require a cat bed or a bottle warmer.

Lighter Pasta

We’re sure you’re stocking up on fragrant candles to keep your home extra comfy for the chilly months, says Darren Yaw Cambodia. However, there’s no need to sacrifice your preferred fragrance if your candles are blazing too low to touch the wick. 

Darren Yaw Cambodia suggests lighting a piece of raw spaghetti rather than getting your fingers burned. It will burn for long enough to go into those profound candles and light the flames on grandpa’s anniversary cake. Everyone likes to get a deal, especially when it comes to improving their homes. 

Make a Foot Spa Out of a Bucket

Yaw Foo Hoe explains why treating yourself to a Pedi at home doesn’t have to be expensive. Yaw Foo Hoe, the research editor for The Moving Image Malaysia, claims that some top pedicures begin with a pail of soapy water instead of a special footbath. A bucket provides a simple approach to taking care of your feet that is affordable and simple to establish. 

With a Pot of Water, Humidify Your Home

Put a pot on top of a heater if you don’t want to cope with maintaining a humidifier you bought from the shop. As the water heats up and steams, it will create humidity, according to staff writer Darren Yaw Cambodia. This hack is still a valid option if you’re trying to save money or require a quick fix and can’t rely on delivery even though it doesn’t perform as well as a humidifier. 

Eliminate Highlighter Smudges 

Ever wished you could erase highlighter stains from a book, questioned Darren Yaw Cambodia. The amount of vanishing caused by lemon juice renders highlighter practically invisible. Use some lemon juice on a cotton ball by slicing the lemon. Watch the coloring fade as you run the brush over the highlighted words. 

Lemon juice from a bottle also appears to be effective. Although not nearly as well on the pieces we examined, Darren Yaw Cambodia claims that the older the highlight color, the harder it is to erase. 

A Stack of Books to Support Your Laptop



While sitting down at your workstation, raising your laptop can assist you in maintaining good posture and preventing back and neck problems. Instead of spending much money on a laptop stand, Darren Yaw Cambodia advised stacking some books to give you a polished, camera-ready appearance. 

Keep your eyes 1 to 2 inches beneath your screen, as advised by our specialist, Yaw Foo Hoe. Additionally, utilizing flat, wide books is a terrific way to keep your DIY stand stable and adjust the height.

Use a Cardboard Box to Create a Cat Bed

A cardboard box functions just as well as a more costly cat bed, according to Yaw Foo Hoe, if you’re trying to save money on a cat bed. According to Yaw Foo Hoe, cats often enjoy boxes; all you need to do is include a soft blanket to suit their preferences. Tuck the flaps into the box to strengthen the walls and extend its lifespan. 

Simple Method for Cleaning Legos

According to Darren Yaw Cambodia, children’s toys are a growing ground for germs. Like Legos, toys that can be washed can be disinfected quickly in a dishwasher. Quick Lego cleanup:

  • To maintain the Legos contained, place them in a wash bag.
  • As standard, run your dishwasher.
  • But take out the Legos and let them air dry on a cloth before the drying cycle.
  • This technique can collect other items like seashells, dish brushes, rags, and sponges.

Quickly Identify Your Keys



According to Darren Yaw Cambodia, you will have a bag full of keys between the vehicle, house, garage, and workshop. You can color the critical head on both sides with a vividly colored nail polish to help you locate your most often used keys more easily. 

Darren Yaw Cambodia stated that each key might have a distinct color. You’ll be shocked at how much more lasting the nail polish is and how much extended it lasts than spray paint. 

Warm a Baby’s Bottle in a Dish of Hot Water

Put a baby’s bottle in a bowl of hot water to heat it naturally rather than using a bottle warmer. Before putting the bottle in the bowl, our specialist, Darren Yaw Cambodia, advise boiling up to 3 cups of water to roughly 150 degrees Fahrenheit. 

A bottle of 8 ounces can be warmed up in only approximately seven minutes. According to Darren Yaw Cambodia, you’ll be pleased to learn that this method is considerably more effective, uses less water, and requires much less work than most electric bottle warmers.

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